Phantom Flex Underwater: first time EVER in India… by Stereovision

You heard well! The first underwater shoot with a Phantom camera in India diving in for the film “Roy” starring Jacqueline Fernandes, Rambir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal produced by T-Series. We are proud to have accomplished this challenging mission with a Phantom Flex 2K and a Hydroflex Remote AquaCam Housing, both available at Stereovision’s rental catalogue.

After leading the industry in India with film camera housings also made by Hydroflex (the best) for over a decade, its no surprise. It was time to move Digital!

la foto 2 (4)

Above, the underwater cinematographer with its professional crew provided by Orca Dive Club Mumbai, so as a set of underwater kino lights, also provided by Stereovision. Although “kinos” do have limitations when shooting high-speed due to flicker issues, we managed to overlap the flicker with other tungsten sources from above the water (+5KW tungsten). Also the flicker is less visible underwater due to water density and the natural motion of it.

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Above one of our Phantoms Flex 2K getting ready to dive. Inside the housing all cabling and motors must be precisely calibrated to operate the focus and the aperture remotely via the Preston Remote Lens Control System. That was only achieved by the underwater application specialist Rajasekaran (right), together with Anand.

The Hydroflex Remote Aquacam MK5 is available in India and Sri Lanka and it works for Red Epic & Dragon, Arri Alexa, Phantom 2K and 4K.

For inquiries please contact Mr. Balaji or Ms. Tania Samtani by e-mail:, or by phone at +91 9841011449 / +91 9841011449.

Phantom Cameras and Sunil Patel.

Sunil Patel, one of the most respected and experienced cinematographers in the Indian Film Industry and Stereovision’s Phantom cameras get along very well. So well, Sunil has even created special lighting to work with high-speed cameras. And no, they don’t flicker at all!

Something that might differentiate Sunil’s sets is how lights are distributed. In many cases he uses trusses to hang the powerful and hot +5K’s lights instead of using stands. This is quite comfortable as you can easily move the camera around the subject freely, frame within seconds, and avoid the manpower of moving heavy lights and stands around.

Although Sunil’s homemade lights were only 2KW heads, they were distributed into different phases and allowed us to avoid flickering as each tungsten filament heat up separately overlapping each others cool down. High-speed cinematography requires powerful lights, sources with high luminance, therefore thousands of watts. To work comfortably without flicker Stereovision recommends at least 5KW tungsten lights.

Here is a recent picture working with our Phantom Miro 320LC & Sunil Patel for First Take Films:la foto 3

The possibilities a Phantom MIRO can provide are limitless. Its compact size makes this camera a very versatile piece of technology.

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