Anamorphics with Phantoms – Like a Maharaja!

Shooting with the Phantom Flex (2K) with anamorphic lenses is exciting. Add a great crew and a stunning location like Jodhpur to the mix and what you have is cinematography heaven.

Stereovision was given yet another opportunity to meet the high-end Bollywood film demands. We traveled to Jodhpur for a very challenging project: the first shooting day of a feature film directed by renowned director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra of Rang De Basanti fame. Not surprisingly, the crew was very professional in all departments. The cinematography was lead by Polish DOP Pawel Dyllus, who brought with him a cameraman, focus puller, and a steadycam operator from Europe.


Rakyesh Omprakash (center) watching a playback with polish DOP Pawel Dyllus (right).

Capturing +1000 fps with a Phantom FLEX 2K generally means low apertures. This makes the focus pullers’ job very precise, especially with anamorphic lenses as shallower depth of field is obtained. One of the main technical challenges we encountered was focus, but we managed to increase the shutter angle on the camera and closed down a stop or two to make sure focus was right and images were less affected by soft focus on edges, chromatic aberrations, distorsions, etc (with anamorphics we recommend not to shoot full open as it can create issues as mentioned). The flexibility the Phantom FLEX 2K provides, with a customisable shutter angle from 22,5-359º, made the workflow quite FLEXible.


A Rare 150-600mm T5.6 Canon Otto Nemenz Conversion Zoom Anamorphic Lens on a Flex 2K.

The Phantom FLEX 2K sensor is 2560 x 1600 in size. For a 2x anamorphic image we had to capture it in a 4:3 aspect ratio and then unsqueeze the video at Stereovision’s facilities to deliver a 2.39:1 ratio. Phantom’s huge sensor allowed to capture the full 1600 lines, therefore not reducing resolution as much as other digital cameras in the market. Again the flexibility to customize resolutions in the camera was an excellent advantage.


A Hawk V-Series 55mm Anamorphic hooked on a Stereovision Phantom. Great performance !

A pleasure to work with a Camera Operator like Shemak, who enjoyed working in India and Stereovision for the first time.


Stereovision DIT Amaro Gómez-Pablos with Camera Operator Shemak, from Poland, at the end of a long shooting day.

In total we use a set of V-Series Hawk Lenses, a 150-600mm T5.6 Canon Otto Nemenz Conversion Zoom Anamorphic Lens and a new Angenieux Anamorphic 56-152 2S which gave an excellent performance in terms of focus & sharp images due to its combination of cylindrical and spherical configuration (it is equipped with a rear anamorphic attachment, like an anamorphic adaptor) to achieve superb sharpness & no distortion. A lens very suitable for digital sensors, and super light!!