Phantom Flex Underwater: first time EVER in India… by Stereovision

You heard well! The first underwater shoot with a Phantom camera in India diving in for the film “Roy” starring Jacqueline Fernandes, Rambir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal produced by T-Series. We are proud to have accomplished this challenging mission with a Phantom Flex 2K and a Hydroflex Remote AquaCam Housing, both available at Stereovision’s rental catalogue.

After leading the industry in India with film camera housings also made by Hydroflex (the best) for over a decade, its no surprise. It was time to move Digital!

la foto 2 (4)

Above, the underwater cinematographer with its professional crew provided by Orca Dive Club Mumbai, so as a set of underwater kino lights, also provided by Stereovision. Although “kinos” do have limitations when shooting high-speed due to flicker issues, we managed to overlap the flicker with other tungsten sources from above the water (+5KW tungsten). Also the flicker is less visible underwater due to water density and the natural motion of it.

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Above one of our Phantoms Flex 2K getting ready to dive. Inside the housing all cabling and motors must be precisely calibrated to operate the focus and the aperture remotely via the Preston Remote Lens Control System. That was only achieved by the underwater application specialist Rajasekaran (right), together with Anand.

The Hydroflex Remote Aquacam MK5 is available in India and Sri Lanka and it works for Red Epic & Dragon, Arri Alexa, Phantom 2K and 4K.

For inquiries please contact Mr. Balaji or Ms. Tania Samtani by e-mail:, or by phone at +91 9841011449 / +91 9841011449.

Phantom Miro VS Mumbai City Football Club

Seeing Nicholas Anelka in India is quite bizarre. A football player who played in the top teams in Europe like Real Madrid, Arsenal, PSG, Chelsea… and now at Mumbai City ! Football is picking up in India and Rambir Kapoor (Mumbai City owner) did not want to miss the chance to record everything in slow motion with Stereovision’s Phantom MIRO at the Cooperage Football Ground in Colaba.

la foto 2

Stereovision’s Phantom Miro. What a small beauty.

Shooting outdoors relying on daylight can be tricky, especially when needing to add light with HMIS as flickering can be an enemy to high-speed cinematography. Fortunately weather was cloudy almost throughout the day and this helped us to avoid high contrasted shadows and most important to rely on HMI’s on close-ups. It even rained for 10 minutes! A very welcoming shower in Colaba.

la foto 5

We shot mostly at 1000 FPS; more than enough to record beautiful tricks performed Nicholas Anelka. The Miro’s exposure index of 1000ISO is just fantastic for such situations. No lighting whatsoever, only bounced light and rock&roll. Great images and room to play with apertures to have all stars sharp in focus.

la foto 1

More Gopros, trying to be creative by rigging them in the most unimaginable places.

Gopro cameras (which Stereovision is the exclusive distributor in India) can be seen in most productions whether its TVC, Features, Documentaries, Broadcast, etc… They have become a standard for lightweight rigging such as drones, extreme sports. Super versitlie. Wit ha bit of imagination you can create superb shots. Check the rigging of a Gopro3 onto one of the players’ knee. This created a high angle shot of the player in action, only possible with Gopro.

la foto 1 copy

Gopros have become very frecuent on TVC shoots.

The new Gopro4 can shoot 4K , and also in FULLHD has the superb feature to shoot at 120FPS. A great tool when rigging in very bumpy or unstable surfaces as it does not have that “shaky” look on video.